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Migration Overview

At this point, you should have already received multiple notifications of the upcoming Lead Commerce Infrastructure Upgrade. If you have not, you can read more information about it here: https://leadcommerce.com/lead-commerce-infrastructure-upgrade

You should have also received an email with your scheduled migration date.

In this article we will discuss the steps for this migration and how it affects you and your deployment.

IMPORTANT: During the migration, you will be unable to access your deployment. If you attempt to login, you will be greeted by a message stating that the migration is in progress. During that time, your B2B Portal (if applicable) will be in Maintenance Mode and any customers will not be able to access the site. We expect the total downtime to be under 1 hour.

For all clients, we strongly recommend that you inform all staff of this migration and how your deployment will be inaccessible for a period of time. If applicable, please inform customers of you B2B Portal that there is a scheduled maintenance.

  • - If you attempt to access your deployment during the migration, you will be unable to login.

  • - Once the migration has completed, you will have access to your deployment again.

  • IF your deployment is running on a Custom Domain (such as: yourcompany.com or orders.yourcompany.com).
    Please follow the additional steps below to ensure there is no additional downtime for your deployment.
    Step 1 should be completed prior to your migration date..

    1. Create a CloudFlare Account and Update your domain at your registrar to use CloudFlare DNS. [More Info]

    2. Wait for email from Lead Commerce Support with your new IP Address. This will be provided on the weekend of your migration after the migration is complete.

    3. Update CloudFlare with the provided IP address [More Info]

    4. Wait for the IP to point correctly. Once you confirm that you no longer see a migration splash page and that your B2B Portal is no longer in maintance mode, proceed to the next step.

    5. Update CloudFlare to use SSL on all pages [More Info]

    6. Done

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