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How to Export PO receipts as a Bill into Quickbooks

This support article will explain how to export out PO's from LeadCommerce and using Transaction Pro Importer to import as a Bill into Quickbooks.

STEP 1: Navigate to Catalog > Inventory > Purchase Order and select the 'Blue Button' More and click on Export. Then choose the export type "Purchase Orders Receipts".

STEP 2: Go to your email and download the Order Receipts file.

STEP 3: Open Quickbooks and navigate to 'Bill Tracker'

STEP 4: Now open Transaction Pro Importer, Browse for the Order Receipt file you downloaded and select 'Bill' as the Import Type.

STEP 5: Hit Next twice and you'll map all the all required fields [Vendor and RefNumber] these are marked red. Be sure to map 'PO Receipt ID' to RefNumber.

STEP 6: Hit Next until you finalize the import, Once the import has been completed. Navigate back to Quickbooks 'Bill Tracker' and view all Bills Imported.

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