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How to Create a Payment Report

This article will discuss how to create a custom Payment Report within Lead Commerce.

Step One:

Navigate to the Reports module of Lead Commerce and find the Sales Report section (Reports>Sales Report)

Step Two:

Select Create Sales Report. Under the Details section, name your report something such as Payments or Monthly Payment Report.

NOTE: Before saving, be sure to map appropriate columns under the Column tab.

Save your changes.

Step Three:

Under the Criteria tab, you can now select the various data parameters, specifically the Payment Status (i.e. Paid in Full, Balance Due, etc.)

Save your changes.

Step Four:

Under the Process tab, select Run Report. Here you can select the specific time-frame you would like to collect data on using the Date Picker.

Select Run Report. You will receive a notification that the report is being run and a confirmation will arrive in your inbox. You can download the report straight from the email.

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