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How to create a new product

This support article discusses how to create a new product manually in Lead Commerce.

Step 1:
Navigate to Catalog > Products > Products

Step 2:
Click the Create Product button

Step 3:
To create a new product, the following values are required:

Field NameRequiredSupport Notes
Product Display NameYesThis is the name of the product not to be confused by the ID which would be a different field.
Product TypeYesThis option feeds from the Product Types section located in the Catalog Configuration menu. You MUST select a Product Type to create a new Product. PLEASE NOTE: A Product Type CANNOT be changed once the Product has been created. Make sure you have selected the correct Product Type prior to saving.
VendorYesAt least one Vendor is required to create a simple product. The Vendors section is located next to the SEO section in the grey bar area.

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