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How to Process Drop Ship Orders

This support article covers the process of drop shipping through the Lead Commerce system.

Step 1: Create a Quote by adding a customer or creating a new customer

Step 2: Add your Products

Step 3: Once you have added your items to the Sales Order, move on to the Shipping section and note that the warehouse is currently set to your local warehouse.

Step 4: Click on the line item you want to make a Drop Ship and then select the Drop Ship option for that line item and save.

Note the line item now reflects that this is now a Drop Ship order and also a Purchase Order (PO) has been created that is now tied to this Sales Order.

Step 5: Place the Sales Order

Step 6: Now place the Drop Ship Purchase Order

Step 7: When the Supplier tells you that they have shipped the items to your customers, then Receive the Drop Ship PO

Step 8: To Fulfill the Sales Order, enter in the Tracking Information on the Fulfillment and Pack and Ship.

Step 9: Pack and Ship the Sales Order.

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