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Creating a CloudFlare Account for SSL

If your deployment of Lead Commerce is running on a custom domain and you wish to enable SSL, the following steps outline the first steps in the process of setting it up:

Step 1: Create a FREE CloudFlare Account

  • - Click here to access the CloudFlare sign-up page.

  • - Fill out the form and follow the instructions.

Step 2:
Link your Site to your CloudFlare Account

  • - After you login, you will see the option to add a site

  • - Enter your site and click the "Add Site" button

  • - Note that this could take a few moments before it proceeds to the next screen.

Step 3: Select a Plan

  • - CloudFlare offers additional services and you may want to select a different plan later; however, for the purposed of Lead Commerce SSL, you only need a FREE Plan.

  • - Select the "Free" plan and "Confirm Plan"

Step 4: Finish Adding the Site

  • - The setup process may say there are no DNS records. That is OK.

  • - Click "Continue"

  • - On the popup, click "Confirm" to Add DNS records later.

Step 5: Continue Setting up the DNS

  • - You will be provided instructions for how to update your DNS records with your registrar.

  • - Complete those steps and then come back to CloudFlare once finished.

The initial setup is now complete.

NOTE: You still need to take additional steps to fully configure your domain.
For configuring the DNS and enabling SSL, see "Managing DNS and SSL with CloudFlare"

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