Lead Commerce Pricing

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We tailor your monthly plan based on the following:


Users of the software like sales people, bookkeepers and shipping personnel.


An API is a pre-built approved connection to a 3rd party marketplace or platform to Lead Commerce.

Order Volume

The number of orders that import or are created in Lead Commerce on a monthly basis.

B2B Ecommerce

This add-on lets your customers order from you 24/7 365.

Barcode Scanner

This add-on moves your inventory management, PO receiving and shipping operations into overdrive.


Lead Commerce has fully configured, Warehouse and Inventory Management Software, starting at $2,500 for configuration plus $100/mo and going up depending on needs of each client. Please contact us for your specific needs and a quote.

Your monthly subscripton fees include:

  • Inventory Management (IMS)
  • Warehouse Management (WMS)
  • Order Management (OMS)
  • B2B Ecommerce (Portal)
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Lot Tracking
  • Replenishment
  • 3rd Party APIs
  • Content Management (CMS)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • EDI & API Ready
  • Dedicated Implementation Staff
  • Multi & Virtual Warehouses
  • Work Orders
  • Assemblies & Kitting
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Dashboards

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  • Charge you for bandwidth
  • Charge you for storage
  • Charge you order overage fees
  • Restrict certain features
  • Charge transaction fees
  • Lock you into lengthy contracts
  • Do you charge transaction fees?

    No! We don't believe in taking any of your profits. As a business we understand that variable costs are annoying, so you'll never pay any transaction fees for your Lead Commerce store.

  • Can I import my stuff?

    Yes, we can import customers, products, images and variations into your Lead Commerce store from a Excel format or CSV (comma separated values) file. Most shopping carts support exporting in this format.

  • Do you offer a free trial?

    As we configure for each user, our product would not be meaningful as a "Demo". Demos only work for simple solutions.

  • Is my data safe and secure?

    Yes. The security and up-time of your store is our #1 priority. We protect your store and data with the same military-grade security and encryption that the big banks use, and we have a 99.99% average uptime track record.

  • Which payment methods do you accept?

    We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

  • Are there any contracts to sign?

    No. Payments are made month-by-month and you can cancel at any time. If you cancel we will stop billing you immediately. We're all about choice and if you don't like Lead Commerce then we won't force you to stay.

  • Do you sell SSL certificates?

    Yes, we do sell SSL certificates. You can purchase an SSL certificate for your ecommerce site by emailing [email protected]

  • Can I export out my data if I want to leave?

    Yes. You can export your Products, SKUs and Customers in CSV + Excel format whenever you like.

  • Do you have FREE Customer Service?

    YES! We work in teams, so you get the USA based team you know, FREE by phone!

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