Powerful Shipping Capabilities

Lead Commerce supports native integration with all major shipping providers

Real Time Rates & Shipping Labels

Connect natively to major shipping providers like UPS, USPS and FedEx.

Give your customers real time accurate rates for both domestic and international shipping costs.

Print your shipping labels directly from Lead Commerce without a need for 3rd party plugins.

Shipping Rules

With Lead Commerce you can create specific shipping rules based on the size of the customer's transaction, providing incentives for them to spend more with you.

You can enforce specific shipping classes and shipping providers to only be available for specific types of customers.

Any specific shipping rules you create will be applied automatically to your storefront checkout as well as phone orders and quotes in the back office.

Allocate Inventory to Fulfillments

Lead Commerce allows you to allocate specific batches of inventory to orders during the fulfillment process.

This provides for greater control over SKUs that might have been returned, used or vintage items and products with limited shelf life.

Lead Commerce uses a FIFO methodology to calculate your Cost of Good Sold and to keep track of gross margin and other key financial indicators per order.

Auto Fulfillment Manager

Lead Commerce has built in AI to help you automatically create all fulfillments for your orders.

Additionally, you can override the auto fulfillment manager and break up your shipments to perform a partial shipment.

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