The Reports module of Lead Commerce allows you to run custom reports about your business across different core areas such as Customers, Products, Categories and Orders.  Lead Commerce currently supports reporting across the Catalog, Sales and Customer modules.  Additionally, if you're using any Custom Attributes either in the Catalog, Sales or Customer modules, you can us these data points as additional filters when creating your custom reports.

The Reports module consists of the following components and subcomponents:

Custom ReportsCatalog Reports
Sales Reports
Customer Reports

At a high level, the Reporting capabilities of Lead Commerce allow you to:

- Create custom reports and save them off as templates 
- Specify custom Criteria including custom attributes you have created
- Pass specific start and end dates to allow for specific time period and historical reporting purposes
- Ability to keep an archive or previously run reports and download that historical result set

Report Type
Report Type is a setting found on each Report Details section.  The Report Type controls the Criteria and Column data that is available based on the type that you select.

Learn more about:

Catalog Reports
Sales Reports
Customer Reports

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